My Number One Fan

It was my mother, who first nurtured my love of acting.  Later, it was her who encouraged me to develop skills, driving me to countless lessons, and helping me to find a like-minded community of peers and dedicated thoughtful teachers at Pittsburgh Musical Theater.  Our family had grown, and my mother had adopted a host of eager additional young actors to mentor!  Then in high school and college, and later, when I was working professionally, through all of my trials and tribulations, she stuck with me, and provided steady unwavering encouragement. During the times I doubted if the field was right for me, and during the times when I knew I could never do anything else, my mom was right there by my side.   As I take on this new adventure, teaching acting classes here in Chicago, I know I can do it because if things get hard I will always have my number one fan to lean on.   Thanks so much for everything Mom- Happy Mothers Day.