Chicago is a place for acting!

While traveling around to the many of our Chicago neighborhoods and sharing information about Two Roads Theatre Project, I have had the most wonderful interactions with store owners and passers by, as well as with the local online communities.  It has been truly humbling and incredibly inspiring to learn about how excited and enthusiastic Chicagoans are about theater and acting! 

Each of the neighborhoods has its own unique charm, but I find that there are two things that they all have in common: they are all very welcoming and they all support the arts.  When I flyer, I run out of materials right away.  When I talk to parents, people walking by stop to join in our conversations.  I hear about amazing shows people have just seen, presented by one of our many talented local companies.  When I post on the web, I receive the most amazing supportive comments and feedback.  Locals are very proud of their city, and eager to contribute to making it an even better place. 

Thank you Chicago!  I love living here, and feel honored to teach acting in this community.